Turbo Actuator Repair

We offer turbo actuator repairs in Leicester and across the country via our postal repair service. We are experts on turbo actuator repairs.

We often like to inspect the turbo actuators and turbochargers together, before suggesting a solution, as most issues in actuators stem from a buildup of carbon in the turbo unit.

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Common Turbo Actuator Faults

The turbo actuator is an electronic control box which contains a motor and a gearbox which operate the VNT system through a linkage arm. Turbo actuators bring added efficiency and better control to the turbocharger by reducing actuation time. This helps to improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions control.

The main faults that will demand turbo actuator repair are power loss issues due to failed electronic components. This type of intermittent power can be caused by the VNT system in the turbocharger sticking. If this happens the vehicle will notice that the turbo actuator isn’t operating and the VNT will put the car into limp mode, to avoid any further damage.

Our Electronic Actuator Repair Process

Our turbo actuator repair involves stripping the electronic component down, replacing the worn parts such as the motor and the gearing, before strengthening the connections. The actuator will then be set up and tested thoroughly to ensure it is in full working order.

It may be possible to offer turbo actuator repair alone, if you are able to confirm that the electronic part is at fault, and ensure that the mechanical side is not causing the issue.

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