Electronic Actuator Repair

Common Actuator Faults

The main issue associated with a faulty or damaged electronic actuator power loss. This may be a complete loss of power, due to a failed electronic component, or it may be intermittent power issues.

Intermittent power issues can be due to the VNT system in the turbocharger sticking. Your vehicle will notice the actuator isn’t operating correctly, and so will put the vehcile into limp mode, also known as emergency running. This could cause choking of the engine or it could give the turbo lag.

Our Electronic Actuator Repairs

We often like to inspect electronic actuators and turbochargers together, before suggesting a solution, this is because most issues in actuators stem from a build up of carbon in the turbo unit.

We will repair your electronic actuator by stripping the electronic component down, replacing worn parts such as the motor and gearing, and strengthening connections.

The actuator will then be set up and rigorously tested to ensure it is in full working order.

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