Why should you hire a specialist for turbocharger repair?

Turbocharger repair is a booming industry that has carried on since 1960. Repairing a turbocharger is a complex process and hiring a turbocharger specialist is the best course of action to fix any problems.

The Intricacies Of Turbocharger Repair

A turbocharger can otherwise be described as a centre housing rotating assembly (CHRA) with a nozzle vane assembly encased in a compressor and turbine housing along with an actuator. Traditionally, turbo manufacturers take the turbocharger and CHRA apart to analyze specific components and replace any damaged parts with new bearings.

CHRA can reach speeds of up to 230,000 rpm so its precision of balance must be high and therefore requires specialist balancing equipment. If the CHRA is not balanced correctly, this can lead to the breakdown of the oil film and excessive noise in the form of whistling. This results in premature failure of the bearings.

Due to high rotational speeds, there is an elite level of precision that is needed in the manufacturing of replacement turbo parts. Bearings and seals are usually formed to tolerances as low as 2 microns which provides little room for error. Utilising lower quality repair parts is not advisable as this can lead to damaging the engine and premature failure.

Furthermore, when repairing a variable nozzle turbo, the turbo must be assembled and set to match the correct vane settings. This needs precise calibration of the actuator with specialist equipment.

Turbochargers in smaller engines tend to be more brittle. If they fail during service it can lead to permanent damage where all major parts need replacing.

The Possible Consequences

If you do not hire a specialist for turbocharger repair this can cause premature turbo failure and can negatively impact engine performance. 

A turbocharger is an expertly engineered product. Therefore, turbo repair is a highly-skilled job that involves the use of specialist equipment. You must ensure that the turbo repair specialist you choose has access to the right equipment and has a thorough understanding of complete turbo assembly. Hiring the right specialist for turbocharger repair is, therefore, a worthwhile investment.