Turbo Replacement

We offer turbo replacement across the UK. Our turbocharger reconditioners strip the turbo to each individual component so that each component can be checked. All worn parts are scrapped and replaced with new parts. A reconditioned turbo should never be rebuilt with used turbo bearings and seals.

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Our Turbo Replacement Process

- Your local garage can help you remove your turbo from your vehicle.

- We can arrange a courier to pick up your turbo, or you can arrange for the turbo to be sent to us, if you want to opt for postal turbo replacement. Alternatively, if you are local, you can drop your turbocharger to us.

- Our technicians will strip the turbocharger down and carry out a failure analysis to see the cause of the issue

- We will then proceed with complete shot blasting, and cleaning of all reclaimable parts.

-When we then rebuild your turbocharger, a brand new core assembly (fully balanced on a VSR machine) will be fitted, bringing your turbocharger to a virtually new condition.

- If your turbocharger is fitted with an actuator this will also be overhauled as part of your turbo replacement.

-The turbo will then be fitted to our turbo flow rig and will be calibrated to its original manufacturers specifications.

-The turbo will be packaged with fitting instructions and new gaskets, where appropriate, and sent out to you directly or to your chosen garage.

Our Turbo Replacement Service Warranty

We are so confident in our turbo replacement, we offer a 2 year warranty. This is under the condition that the full fitting instructions were followed when fitting your turbocharger, and that the original cause of failure was eliminated.

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