Finding Your Turbo Part Number

If you need turbocharger repair or turbocharger reconditioning then you will need to know the part number to check availability and get a quote. Without the part number you won’t be able to receive an accurate quote. 

There are two numbers that will identify your turbocharger, the OEM Part Number (original equipment manufacturer number) and the turbo manufacturer number. If you are looking for your part numbers before phoning up to book a turbocharger repair or turbocharger replacement then you may need to do a bit of cleaning. The part numbers can often be hard to distinguish. It is important not to use a hard abrasive, as this may result in the number becoming illegible. Its best to use something like brake cleaner or scotch bright.

The OEM Part Number

The OEM part number is usually issued by the vehicle manufacturer, for example Audi, BMW, Volkswagen etc. It can be found etched on the identification plate of the turbocharger. 

There are some examples below of what an OEM part number would look like, but you should bear in mind that the vehicle manufacturers do not use turbochargers from one manufacturer exclusively. For example, Audi uses both Garrett and BorgWarner KKK, so there may be some discrepancies.

Turbo Manufacturer Part Number

The other number that may be used to identify your turbocharger is issued by the actual manufacturer. This can be found etched on the same identification plate as the OEM number, on the turbocharger itself. The most common turbocharger manufacturers are Garrett, BorgWarner XXX, Mitsubishi, IHI and Toyota. There are some examples below of how the turbo part number would look for some of the main turbocharger manufacturers.